We are an approved Registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), provider number 81257180.Under this scheme we assist individuals through personalised programs that are developed by the participant and based on self-directed care principles.

Areas covered include individual support that can concentrate on issues of day to day living, dealing with anxiety/mental health issues, financial or behavioral concerns.

Participants can also attend a number of activity groups that support and encourage involvement with others. These groups promote development of particular skills but also foster relationship building and interactive capacity. Positive self-regard and strengths based approaches are fundamental pillars upon which we operate.

If you require Coordination of Supports then our service has extensive knowledge of the sector and can provide an on-going, informative and supportive environment in which a plan can be tailored to ensure better mental health is a priority.

Contact us anytime to discuss your needs.


2020 NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue

The updated NDIS Price Guide is a single national price guide. It was last updated 2 June 2020 and it contains policy information and guidance for providers and support coordinators, plan managers etc.

The NDIS Support Catalogue contains the price limits, support descriptions and line item numbers to help clearly identify what is claimable against each support line item.

NDIS Price Guide 2019 had the following key updates effective 1 July 2019:
• general price increases and specific increases for therapists, attendant care and community participation
• the introduction of a Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP)
• increases to remote and very remote loadings
• updates to travel, non- face-to-face services and cancellation billing policies
• updates to Assistive Technology and Home Modifications
• outcomes from the WA Market Review and Therapy Services Review

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP).
This conditional loading will assist providers to continue transforming their businesses in the move towards a more competitive marketplace. This replaces the Temporary Support for Overheads. *Mind Works Geelong applies the (TTP) costings in line with NDIS guidelines.

Similar to the previous Temporary Support of Overheads (TSO) but of higher value and in place for longer. The TSO is obsolete as of 1 July 2019. The TTP support item number is the support base number with the addition of the letter (T) as listed in the NDIS Support Catalogue:

July 2019:

The current NDIS Support Catalogue and Price Guide can be located under the NDIS website: 2020-21 Effective 1 July 2020


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