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Turning Mental Health on its Head!


Welcome to the Mind Works Geelong Website.

As a service built on fundamental Recovery principles we value each individual for their strengths, capacities and community entitlements.

As a Mutual Support & Self Help (MSSH) organisation; with over twenty years’ experience; we have established specialties in a number of roles for our members, friends and families who have experienced some mental health uncertainty.

This includes:

  • General mental health knowledge and education.
  • Referral advice for people (carers, consumer and friends) to gain support for emerging mental health concerns either first episode or more consistently those becoming unwell and needing to reconnect to MH services.
  • Provide strength’s based drop-in activity centre based on Recovery principles of self-direction, empowerment and respect.
  • Assist with referrals to service providers GPs, psychiatry, or allied services. i.e. housing, child first, psychology.
  • Individual specific education and advice to members, their friends and family to support their recovery.
  • Creating an environment that brings together individuals who have been traumatised by their mental health issues. Normalising the situation and re-establishing a person’s ego so they can move forward in their lives.
  • Provides opportunities for members to be involved and socially inclusive, and have an objective to re-instate a sense of self-control within themselves.

Everyone should feel that they have a place to BELONG, believe they are being HEARD and that what one says is VALUED. These three pillars remain central to our operations.

We aim to promote well being, and to inform and educate those with mood disorders, their carers and the public.

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